Handbag Dust Covers -100% Cotton, 300 Thread Counts


CloverSac Dust Bag Covers are made from 100% superior cotton fabric with 300 thread counts. The same material that is used to make your pillowcase to ensure that it is so soft and breathable. Following is specification of the fabric which we carefully choose to make our dust bag cover.

  • Dimensions : 45 cm x 54 cm
  • Fabric : 100% cotton
  • Yarn Density: 60sx40s/173×124
  • Thread count: 300
  • Color : White
  • Finish: Sateen
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CloverSac dust bag cover use superior and luxurious bed linen fabric that is 100% cotton with 300 thread counts to ensure it is super soft and super breathable. So soft that you can even use it as a pillow case.

Why we chose 100% cotton to make our dust bag cover?

Most handbags are made of leather and leather needs to “breathe”. When we say that leather leather need to breathe, it simply mean it need to be stored in an airy environment which allow the movement of moisture back and forth.

This explained why we chose 100% Cotton to make our dust bag because it is one of the most breathable fabric.Following is how the luxurious 100% cotton with 300 thread counts look like close-up


However not all cotton are suitable. There are many dust bag that are made of cotton and wool blends like corduroy and flannel respectively. Even though they have a good feel such fabric score badly when it comes to breathability. Following is a close-up on how cotton flannel looks like.


Another popular material used to make dust bags are man-made fabric such as Viscose, Acetate, Polyester and Synthetic.These material does not possess the necessary characteristics that allow fabric to breathe so it should be avoided.


How big is our dust bag cover?

Following is the dimensions of our dust bag cover which is 54 x 45 cm


Following is how it looks like when fitted into a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM


CloverSac Dust Bag can also be used as a pillow stuffer to keep your handbag in shape during storage
First you stuff the dust bag cover with acid free tissue paper.


Then stuff the dust bag cover inside your handbag to act as a storage stuffer. This helps to keep your handbag in shape during storage.By choosing white as our dust bag cover, it ensure that the color of the dust bag cover does not transfer to the interior of the handbag.


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