Dust cover bags for handbags

Pillow case act as a great alternative to store your handbags when you do not have a dust cover bag. This is explain why we decide to use bed linen fabric when it comes to designing our dust bag cover. It is probably one of the few dust bag cover in the world that chose high-end luxurious cotton with 300 thread counts.

Following are 3 important reason why this fabric is chosen:

1. Breathability of the fabric

The breathability of a fabric refers to the degree to which a fabric allows air or moisture vapour to pass through it. A fabric that is highly breathable allow air to pass through easily and not trap moisture vapour inside the dust bag. Moisture is the key cause of mold growth and if the moisture vapour gets trap inside the dust bag cover, it will increase the chances of mold growing on the leather handbag which is stored inside it. 100% cotton is a highly breathable, natural and environmental friendly fabric which is why we chose it to make our dust bag cover.



Not all cotton are the same, there are cotton blend such as thick flannel cotton that may have a great feel but it score badly when it comes to breathability.



Other fabric includes man-made fabric like polyester and certain types of microfiber have reputation for not breathing well.


If you are staying in an area where humidity is high, you should always avoid storing your handbag inside dust bag that is made of fabric that does not breathe well.

2. Smoothness of the fabric texture and thread counts

We all know the when it comes to selecting bed linen, the higher the thread count the smoother is to fabric. Thread count simply refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.


The higher the thread count, the denser are the threads in per square inch. This also means sheets with a very high thread count don’t let air pass as freely as compared to one with lower thread counts. This explain why when it comes to selecting the number of thread count for our dust bag cover, we have to strike a balance between smoothness and breathability. We chose cotton with 300 thread counts to strike this balance. Following is the specification for the cotton used to make our dust cover bag.

Specifications of the fabric

  • Dimensions : 45 cm x 54 cm
  • Fabric : 100% cotton
  • Yarn Density: 60sx40s/173×124
  • Thread count: 300
  • Color : White
  • Finish: Sateen Stripe

3. Dust cover bag that can be use as bag pillow shaper

A bag pillow shaper or some called it storage stuffer is what you stuff inside your handbag to keep it shape during storage. CloverSac dust bag cover can serve as a bag pillow shaper by first stuffing the dust bag with acid free tissue paper.


Then inserting the stuffed bag pillow shaper into the handbag to keep it in shape.


We chose white cotton to prevent color transfer when it comes to both using it as a dust bag or bag pillow. The softness of the fabric also make it a gentle fit inside your handbag.

Following is how the CloverSac dust bag cover looks like. 100% cotton with luxurious sateen strip across it. It is so smooth that you can even use it as a pillow case. Following is how it looks like when it is used to store a Neverfull MM



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