Handbag Stuffing with Acid Free Tissue Paper

It is important to keep your handbag in shape when not in use. To do that, some have turned to stuff the inside of their handbags with magazine or old clothing. What most fail to understand is that not all material are suitable to be used as a bag stuffer. Material such as towel, newspaper and used clothing are not recommended for long term use as the color may run and damage the interior of the handbag.


If you are serious about keeping your handbag in shape not damaging the interior of your handbag. We highly recommend the use of Acid Free Tissue Paper to stuff your handbag. It can also be used to wrap your handbag to keep it clean.

If your cupboard looks like this, your handbags will damage over time if they are stored without any bag stuffer. Over time, the leather will collapse onto itself, crinkle and fold in areas and eventually fall apart.



Keep your bag in shape with proper storage bag stuffer.



Number of sheets used to stuff a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM : 5 sheets


Number of sheets used to stuff a Louis Vuitton Pouchette : 1 sheet


When you do not need them, fold then and resuse again. Save space compared to a Pillow Shaper Insert.


Why bother with Acid Free Tissue Paper? I can just use old clothes or magazines to stuff it.

Normal paper (like magazine and newspaper) will turn acidic, yellow and brittle with age. Old clothing may contain dye which will transfer to adjacent objects and possibly discolored and transfer the color onto the interior of your bag.

This is why it is not recommended to use magazine, newspaper or old clothing for “stuffing”.

Acid free tissue papers is different is as they are specially processed to remove such contaminants to be PH7 or greater. It is a popular material used to wrap and store artifacts in museums.

How about Pillow Shaper Insert

Some bought “Pillow Shaper Insert” which shaped to the side of the bag however the problem with that is it take up storage place when not in use, unlike acid Free Tissue Paper which can be fold and stored when not in use