Purse Pillow Shaper

Why do I need a Purse or Bag Pillow Shaper?

For Bags that are stored without any fill, over time the leather may collapse onto itself, crinkle and fold in areas and eventually fall apart. Clover Sac offer an economical solution to protect the investment you have made in your Handbag Collection.

How your storage place looks like without purse pillow shapers, all your handbags collapse.


Following show how the handbag maintain its shape after being stuffed with Purse Pillow shapers by CloverSac.


What so special about CloverSac purse or bag pillow case?

CloverSac purse pillow case when stuffed with acid free tissue paper act as a purse pillow shaper for your handbag. Made from high quality 100% white cotton fabric with 300 thread counts, it is smooth and comfortable just like your bedroom pillow case.

First you stuff the purse pillow case with acid free tissue paper.


Then you stuff the filled purse pillow shaper into your handbag to keep it in shape.


What are the advantages of using CloverSac pillow shaper

CloverSac’s Purse Pillow case not only can act as a purse pillow shaper, it can be used as a dust cover bag as well.

CloverSac Purse Pillow shaper does not take up too much space, as the acid free tissue paper and bag pillow case can both be folded when not in use. The purse pillow case is stuffed with acid free tissue paper below


For most bag pillow shapers, it normally comes in various sizes to fit different handbags.See the number of sizes of purse pillow shaper you probably need below. Do you really have so much space to store so many bag pillow shaper?

With CloverSac, depending on the size of handbag, you can stuff more or less acid free tissue paper into CloverSac Purse Pillow case to determine the size of the purse pillow shaper. The same CloverSac Pillow case can be used for big handbags such as Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and smaller purse like Louis Vuitton Pouchette.


It is 100% safe for your handbag as it is made from luxurious white cotton with 300 thread counts. We also need not worry about color-transfer.

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