Purse Organizer Insert for Speedy 30 Video Review

Here is another video review on Emma 28 when used inside a Speedy 30. If you don’t have time to watch the video, following is what she has to say …

Hi Everyone! I am excited today to show you a review for a new organizer I just got. It is called a CloverSac Purse Organizer Insert and it fits perfectly in my Speedy 30. This organizer retailed for $22 and shipped out to me very quickly from Singapore. Although CloverSac does not market this organizer as specifically for the Speedy 30, it fits nicely, with a little space on either side so you can access the exterior pockets of the organizer. This particular size is called the ‘Emma 28’ and will fit a Speedy 30 or a Neverfull MM. It is super lightweight and the material is durable and can be wiped clean. Additionally, the construction is done well and the stitching is high quality–it will not rip or tear. The material is color fast which means that it will not transfer onto the inside of your bag. And most importantly, it gives your bag structure and form so that it doesn’t look saggy when full of goodies. CloverSac makes several other sizes and colors and their full line of purse insert organizers can be found at their website www.cloversac.com. Overall I highly recommend this organizer for anyone looking to add a lot of structure and space to their handbag without adding additional weight. I plan to order this in more sizes soon! Thanks for watching!

Kathy Dowling