Best Rated Purse Organizer in 2017 – The New Emma 28 by CloverSac

Everyone is excited over the CloverSac New Emma 28. With a long wait list of customers awaiting for the launch of the new Emma 28 since 2016, it took us almost over a year for us to finally have it ready in May 2017.

If this is first time that you hear about Emma 28, just go to YouTube and search “Cloversac”, you will find multiple reviews on this amazing purse organizer.


Many of us ask why it take such a long to finally launch the new Emma 28. This may sound crazy but we are overly obsessed in designing the best for our clients. Some say we are totally insane to trade profit by halting the sales of Emma 28 since early 2016 over quality. But that is what CloverSac is all about. A brand is build around on quality and design.

Take for example; it took us over 6 months to shortlist the right factory that is able to produce the high quality standard that the new Emma 28 demand. After it was manufactured, the goods did not meet the standard that we are looking for so instead of selling it, we decide to dispose the goods and reproduced all over again.

When it comes to the design, we took so much consideration in very single little details. For example, every 10 gram more or less in the new design took us months of redesigning. So following is what we should be looking out for in the new Emma 28:

Better material. Yes the new Emma 28 is produced using better, thicker and more durable material. The new Emma 28 weigh 20 gram lesser but it is better to keep it shape even without the stiff cards.

Better workmanship: Just look at the stitches of the new Emma 28 vs the old Emma 28.

Following are more pictures how the Emma 28 will look like.

How do I reserve one?
If you are keen, just write to use at contact@cloversac or reply to the form below. If you have already emailed us earlier on and has received a reply from us, you do not write to us again.

Kathy Dowling