Extra Large Purse Organizer Insert Reviews

In this article we shall reviewed the extra large purse organizer by Divide and Conquer for Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, Purse to Go Boxy Large and CloverSac “Grand 35”.

Before we dive deeper into this comparison, let first find out which other brands does these similar extra large purse organizers. For handmade purse organizers, there are Samorga, Divide and Conquer and Daffysdream. Samorga is selling their purse organizer at their own website while Divide and Conquer and daffysdream products are sold at Etsy. The prices for these extra large purse organizers ranged between USD80 to USD110 as they are custom-made to fit extra large tote bags such as Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, Delightfull GM, Speedy 40,  Hermes Birkin 40, Garden Party 36  or any large tote bag.

The less expensive off-the-shelves brands such as Chameleon Inserts does not have such extra large purse organizer with their largest purse organizer measuring at 12″L x 6″W x 10″H  while PursetoGo’s largest purse organizer Boxy-Large for Neverfull GM is 15″L x 7″W x 10″H .

To summarize let compare the above purse organizers from each of the above brands in term of sizes and prices.

  • Samorga (15” X 7” X 7.9”) USD$69
  • Daffysdream (14” x 7” x 5″) USD$69
  • Divide and Conquer (14.5″ x 7″ x 7″)  USD$85.95
  • CloverSac’ Grand 35 (5″ x 7″ x 5.75″) USD$29
  • Purse to Go Boxy Large (15″L x 7″W x 10″H) USD$42.95

Now let do a detail comparison between Divide and Conquer purse organizer for Neverfull GM, Purse to Go Boxy-Large and CloverSac “Grand 35”.

Shipment and Packages

The purse organizer insert by Divide and Conquer was shipped in a box that fit the purse organizer insert perfectly; this is to protect the purse organizer from being damaged during shipment. Following is a picture as we are unboxing the purse organizer insert by Divide and Conquer.


Both Purse to Go Boxy Large and Cloversac “Grand 35” can be shipped in flat packages which helps to save cost during shipment as it is much lesser in term of volumetric weight.

D&C only sell and ship to United States whereas both CloverSac and Purse to Go’s products are sold and shipped worldwide.


The weight for each of the purse organizers is as follows so if you are looking for a lightweight purse organizers, CloverSac is the lightest in weight among them all.

D&C for Neverfull GM is 330 gram


Purse to Go Boxy Large is 250 gram


CloverSac “Grand 35” is 240 gram


Structured Design

Both Divide and Conquer and CloverSac “Grand 35” are pretty structured and boxy. Just take a look at the picture on how D&C and CloverSac are able to stand upright while Purse to Go Boxy large tends to slouch.


The two side walls of the Purse to Go Boxy Large also tend to fold in.

Comparing the bases of these three purse organizer, both CloverSac and Divide and Conquer bases are pretty stiff whereas the base of the Purse to Go’s purse organizer is made up of a thin fabric which does not add structure to the overall design.


For CloverSac, the purse organizer can be both structured and unstructured as it comes with stiff cards that can be inserted inside the two side walls and the base to turn the purse organizer from unstructured to structure.




Both Divide and Conquer and CloverSac have reasonably sized pockets which allow items to slot in easily. CloverSac have both internal and external pockets whereas D&C only have interior pockets.


Purse to Go Boxy Large only have internal pockets but they are long and flat which make it hard to slot stuff in. The only thing you probably love is you are looking for a purse organizer with zipped pocket as Purse to Go is the only one that that option with their zipped pocket in the middle.


Prices Comparison

CloverSac‘s “Grand 35” which is priced at USD$29 is the cheapest when it comes to pricing. D&C purse organizer for Neverfull GM prices range from USD$85.95 to USD$108 while Purse to Go Boxy Large is selling for USD$42.95

With the flat packaging by CloverSac and Purse to Go mentioned earlier under “Shipping”, it also helps save you on shipping cost.

Kathy Dowling