Original Club Purse Organizer Reviews

We thought the best way to review purse organizers by Original Club to compare it against Samorga as they are both very popular purse organizers made from felt. We do that by comparing purse organizers made for Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 for both of these brands.

Weight and Dimensions
First let take a look at the weight and dimensions of each of the organizer below:

Weight : 200 gram

Dimensions as follow:

  • Width: 28cm , about 11in
  • Height: 15cm, about 5.9in
  • Depth: 15cm, about 5.9in

Original Club
Weight : 180 gram
Dimensions as follow:

Length:11″ (28 cm) Height: 5.9″ (15 cm) Depth / Width: 5.9″ (15 cm)

Both organizers’dimension and weight are pretty similar except that Samorga is slightly heavier than Original Club by 20 gram. This additional weight could be due to extra material from middle compartment that you see below.

Price + Delivery Cost
The cost breakdown for Samorga and Original Club is as follow.

Original Club : $39.90 + $12.99 (Shipment) = USD$52.98

Samorga : $46.00 + $12.00 (Shipment) = USD$58.00

One of the best thing we like about purse organizer by Original Club is its short delivery lead time. After ordering it take less than a week via UPS. This much faster than what samorga took which is almost 3 weeks. Original Club send via UPS which provide better tracking compared to Samorga which use EMS.

It is important to note that the prices for Samorga varies depending on the design you choose. Prices range from USD$43 to $51.

Overall Workmanship
We feel the overall workmanship of Samorga has a slight edge over Original Club. Maybe it is packaging of Original Club which left us disappointed as it leaves a folded crisp mark on the side.

Following are more pictures of each of organizer when you compare them side by side

Country of Origin
There is no winner in this category. Original Club is from Turkey whereas Samorga is from South Korea

Overall Design
We would not rate a winner for the overall design. Original Club has pockets all around whereas Samorga has a removable middle compartment and several other designs as well to choose from.

Whether you are considering Samorga or Original Club. Both are pretty popular organizers if you are looking something made of felt.

Kathy Dowling