Samorga vs Original Club Organizer for Speedy 30 review

Original Club, Samorga and Cloversac are three of the most popular bag organizers in the market today. In this article, we shall review and compare the pro and con for each of them when fitted inside a Speedy 30. This is an updated reviews from the previous article we did where we compared Cloversac against Chameleon Inserts and Purse to Go.

Unlike Samorga and Original Club, Cloversac don’t make custom-fitting organizer to fit into any purse perfectly. Cloversac comes in four general sizes and they are small, medium, large and extra-large and Emma 28 which is large is popular choice for Speedy 30.


Cloversac beat Samorga and Original Club hands down when it comes to pricing. The following table summarize the pricing for all the three brands. Samorga is available in two different options which is defined by the thickness of the fabric material used to construct the organizer, the 2 x 2 mm and the 2 mm version.  2 x 2 mm version which is made using thicker felt fabric provide a better overall structure compared to the 2 mm version. Original Club comes in only 3 mm. CloverSac by itself is pretty sturdy but it also comes with plastic cards that can be inserted inside the two side walls and base to add further structure to the organizer. For further details, please refer to the “Structured section” below.

Brand / Thickness Price (USD)
Samorga (2x2 mm) $61.00
Samorga (2 mm) $48.50
Original Club (3 mm) $39.00
Cloversac $26.00

Material (Felt vs Polyester)

Both Original Club and Samorga are made from felt fabric which is a non-woven fabric compared to Cloversac which is made from woven fabric. Felt is made by compressing fabric together which is why it is commonly known as non-woven fabric. Constant rubbing of the felt will cause it to pill and fuzz over time.

Or even shed like the picture below.


Original Club and Samorga need to be spot washed as they made from felt. There is an instruction label when you purchased a Samorga, see picture below.

Cloversac can be completely soaked and washed thoroughly.


All three organizers are pretty structured which helps to keeps the bag in shape. An easy way to tell whether the organizer is well-structured is by allowing it is stand on its own like the picture below. As you can see all 3 organizers can stand on itself pretty well.

For those who like something more structured, Samorga comes in thicker version which is 4mm thick. The standard version is 2 mm.  Original Club felt is 3 mm thick, it is available in only one thickness.

Cloversac by itself is pretty sturdy but it allow you to make it sturdier by adding plastic cards within the side walls and the base of the organizer. There are many users who prefer not to use them as they feel that the organizer itself without the cards already feel very structured so it is totally up to personal preference.

Further strengthening the two side walls by adding cards to it.

Plastic card which is slotted into the bottom give the organizer a stronger base.


The types of pockets found on Original Club and Samorga differ from what you will find on a Cloversac’s organizers.

Both Original Club and Samorga ‘s pockets come in one height but different sizes. Following are the types of pockets found on Samorga

Following are types of pockets found on Original Club

Cloversac pockets come in different width and height and type as well (which is either opaque or netted) which make sense because not everything you own is of the same size. Notice how the pockets vary in height on one side in the picture below. For example, putting necklace or a ring inside a deep and tall pocket would be hard to reach compared to one that is shallow.

On the other side, you will find pockets that are netted. Having different types of pockets like opaque and net make it easy for one to organize different items inside your Speedy 30.

If you pay close attention to how the pockets are made, you will notice that the pockets only expand when you have things inside the pocket thus creating space within the organizer when the pockets are empty.

How does it fits?

One of the most awaited question is how well does each organizer fits inside the speedy 30. To do that we take some of the most common items that you see below and then fit them inside each of the organizers.

Following is how each organizer look before we insert it inside the Speedy 30

See above for Samorga

See above is Cloversac ‘s emma 28 before fitting inside a Speedy 30

Above picture is Original Club before fitted inside a Speedy 30

Following is how it look like when each of the organizers are fitted inside the Speedy 30

Samorga for Speedy 30
Cloversac for Speedy 30

Original Club for Speedy 30

Removable Middle Compartment

All three organizers middle compartment can be removed when not needed. Cloversac is fastened to the wall of the organizer via snap button whereas Samorga use fastening tape or velcro.

Delivery time and shipment cost.

Samorga only offer standard airmail or EMS. Original Club shipped via DHL express while Cloversac offer both standard airmail and DHL Express. Standard airmail typical takes 2 to 4 weeks whereas DHL Express will take less a week.


Samorga and Original club provide a wide range of color for one to choose as they are custom-made whereas Emma 28 is only available in red, black and beige.