Purseket purse organizer reviews

One of the few purse organizer insert that was featured on the Oprah show is none other than Purseket.To have a better understanding of how Pursket looks like, just look at the above picture. It is basically like a “belt” with neatly sewn panel of pouches around it. With this unique design you can easily line Purseket around the interior of your handbag to provide internal storage. Purseket is available in 3 different sizes

  • Small Size – 7” height x 20” length with 5 pockets
  • Medium Size – 7” height x 25” or 26” length with 6 pockets
  • Large Size – 8” height x 36” length with 8 pockets

What we like about Purseket?
It serve its purpose in helping to get things organize and help to move belonging between handbags easily. It seems sturdy and it comes in various sizes and color.

What we do not like about Purseket?
Its overall structure is pretty flimsy. As a result, it doesn’t hold up well inside the bags. If you insert heavy stuff inside the pockets of Purseket, the weight of the stuff can weigh down your Purseket and prevent it from snugly hugging onto the side of your handbag. The interior is made up of something like cardboard so cannot be folded. Does not work well with a hobo bag. Unlike other purse organize insert like CloverSac Emma 28 and others, Purseket cannot act as a base shaper in preventing your handbag from sagging at the bottom.