Tips on how to get a Louis Vuitton dust bag for FREE

Louis Vuitton dust bag is something that you can’t buy from the boutique even if you are willing to pay for it. You will also notice that ebay does not sell any dust bag or boxes from Louis Vuitton as ebay feel that sales of such items aid in the sales of counterfeit. If you don’t believe just go to ebay and search for Louis Vuitton dust bag, you will not get any result.

If you really must buy a dust bag, you can try Poshmark, Gumtree or Etsy, just sure that it is authentic. Fortunately for some who have attempted the following tips recommended below, it is possible to get a Louis Vuitton dust bag for FREE. We do not guaranteed that it will 100% work but it is worth trying as it has worked for some but not all.

  1. When you are buying a new Louis Vuitton handbag, ask one more dust bag as spare
  2. Be thick skin, go to any Louis Vuitton outlet and ask one for free say you lost when while you are traveling, bring along the bag.
  3. Lied that you wasn’t given one the last time, bring along the receipt if you have.
  4. Tell the sales staff that you want to buy a dust bag, maybe they will be nice to give you one for free.
  5. Befriend the sales staff or ask from someone that know someone who work in Louis Vuitton

If you can’t get it for free and don’t wish to spend a dime on dust bag, a pillow case is your next best alternative to store your Louis Vuitton handbag.

Kathy Dowling