Louis Vuitton price list 2015 in USA

Following is the updated 2015 price list for Louis Vuitton ladies handbags, accessories, purses and wallets in United States. Last updated in March 2015.

ModelCodePrice($) USD
4 Key HolderM90910305
4 Key HolderM93731305
4 Key HolderN62631205
4 Key HolderM62631205
4 Key HolderN60020205
4 Key HolderM60284305
6 Key HolderM90901365
6 Key HolderM63812310
6 Key HolderM62630250
6 Key HolderN62630250
6 Key HolderM62991295
6 Key HolderN61745250
Adjustable Monogram Canvas Shoulder StrapJ52315235
Adjustable Monogram Canvas Shoulder StrapJ60068305
Adjustable Shoulder StrapJ00276305
Adjustable Shoulder Strap 12mmJ52313280
Adjustable Shoulder Strap 16mmJ00970345
Adjustable Shoulder Strap 16mmJ00970345
Adjustable Shoulder Strap 16mm EpiJ6000J305
Adjustable Shoulder Strap 16mm Epi ElectricJ6000N345
Adjustable Shoulder Strap VVNJ52314280
Adjustable Shoulder Strap VVNJ52312305
Adjustable WalletN63093805
Alexandra WalletM60047775
Alexandra WalletN63068775
Alexandra WalletN63067775
Alma BBM902591820
Alma BBM412901590
Alma BBM4031N1820
Alma BBM531521200
Alma BBN412211200
Alma BBM504192220
Alma GMM4032J2810
Alma GMM404413150
Alma GMM914503100
Alma GMM5289N3100
Alma MMM900242810
Alma MMM408781810
Alma MMM408562500
Alma MMN412471810
Alma MMM4085N2810
Alma PMM412632120
Alma PMM902562350
Alma PMM4032N2350
Alma PMM404442720
Alma PMN531511500
Alma PMM531511500
Alma PMM504662820
Altaïr ClutchM404952850
Amelia WalletM955491130
Anais WalletN63242540
Anais WalletM60402540
Anais WalletN63241540
Artsy GMN411732260
Artsy MMM410663150
Artsy MMM402491960
Artsy MMN411741960
Ascot WalletN631711470
Babylone PMM500594100
Ballade MMM405711500
Ballade PMM405731350
Bandoulière EbèneJ03000175
Bastille MMM500482960
Bastille PMM411692580
Baxter Dog Collar GMM58070375
Baxter Dog Collar MMM58071345
Baxter Dog Collar PMM58072315
Baxter Dog Lead GMM58050450
Baxter Dog Leash GMM58055440
Baxter Dog Leash MMM58056380
Baxter XSmall Dog CollarM58073380
Bloomsbury PMN422511270
Brea GMM916163050
Brea GMM403323050
Brea GMM403342730
Brea MMM411212500
Brea MMM901792730
Brea MMM403282730
Business Card HolderM91409305
Business Card HolderN61746250
Business card holderM66560345
Business Card HolderM62920250
Business Card HolderN62920250
Card HolderM60721245
Card HolderM60703205
Card HolderN61722205
Card HolderM60335
Catalina NSM900131970
Chaine WalletM902061140
Chaine WalletM902061140
Cigarette CaseM63024260
Cigarette CaseN63024260
Clemence WalletN60534530
Clemence WalletM60173720
Clémence WalletM60742530
Coin PurseM61960600
Comete WalletM601471420
Compact Curieuse WalletM60568660
Cover Bloc A4R20971795
Curieuse WalletM60771835
Daily OrganiserM606991180
Déesse GMM900713950
Déesse PMM915963100
Delightful MMM501561390
Delightful MMN414601390
Delightful MMN414481390
Delightful PMM501551250
Delightful PMN414591250
Delightful PMN414471250
Desk Agenda CoverR21065555
Desk Agenda CoverR20100555
Dog Carrier 40M420242690
Dog Carrier 50M420212940
Dragonne amovibleM85004130
Eden MMM409273000
Eden PMM411502570
Elise WalletN61654630
Elise WalletN61733630
Elysée WalletM606741400
Emilie WalletN63544480
Emilie WalletM60852585
Emilie WalletN63021480
Emilie WalletM60823630
Emilie WalletM60697480
Emilie WalletN63546480
Emilie WalletM60713585
Estrela NMM511932110
European Checkbook and Card HolderM63732590
Eva ClutchN55213775
Eva ClutchM95567775
Eva ClutchN55214775
Favorite MMN41129985
Favorite MMM40718985
Favorite MMN41275985
Favorite PMN41276805
Favorite PMM40717805
Favorite PMN41277805
Flore WalletM60455890
French PurseM63642905
French PurseN61674750
French PurseM61674750
French PurseN61676750
French WalletM90182935
Hardcase iPad AirM48253500
Hardcase Ipad Air 2M61258500
Hardcase Ipad Air 2N61218500
Hardcase Ipad MiniM60418420
Hardcase iPhone 6M60864330
Hardcase iPhone 6N61203330
Hardcase iPhone 6N61204330
Hardcase iPhone 6 PlusM60865370
Helene WalletM60253500
Hobo PMM942904250
Hoxton GMN412531500
Hoxton PMN412571350
Iena WalletM582641470
Iena WalletM582071470
Insolite WalletN63547745
Insolite WalletN63072745
Insolite WalletM60446890
Insolite WalletN63071745
Insolite WalletM60445890
Insolite WalletM60042745
Insolite WalletM609991030
Insolite WalletM58508910
Insolite WalletN63025910
iPad 2 HardcaseM60370500
iPad Mini FolioM60722795
iPad Mini FolioM94567720
iPhone 4 CaseM60289330
Iphone 5 CaseN63186330
iPhone 5 CaseN63187330
iPhone 5 CaseM60419330
Iris WalletM601441310
Iris WalletM581631310
Joey WalletN60034835
Joey WalletM60280970
Joey WalletM60283970
Joey WalletM66582920
Joey WalletM60211835
Joey WalletN60030835
Joey WalletM6658N995
Josephine WalletM60850585
Josephine WalletN63543480
Josephine WalletN63543480
Josephine WalletM60779630
Josephine WalletM60708480
Josephine WalletN63545480
Key PouchN62658200
Key PouchM91669390
Key PouchM62650200
Key PouchM66602365
Key PouchN62659200
Key PouchM62996285
Key PouchM60634440
Keys HolderM93734330
Keys HolderM93735330
Laptop Sleeve 13''M563961020
Laptop Sleeve 13''N580221020
Laptop Sleeve 15''M563971060
Laptop Sleeve 15''N580231060
Large Ring Agenda CoverR20107775
Large Ring Agenda CoverR20212870
Large Ring Agenda CoverR20106775
Limelight Clutch MMM409181640
Lockit GMM406143430
Lockit MMM406063150
Lockit PMM902532580
Lockit PMM406132870
Long Wallet OrigamiN63098780
Louise PMM416271900
Louise Strap PMM412751900
Louise WalletM613171110
Louise WalletM60460675
Louise WalletM609621110
Lucie PouchM90281720
Lumineuse PMM410652960
Marais BBM410712110
Marais BBM410452580
Marais MMM410702260
Marais MMM411903000
Marie-Lou Compact WalletM60495720
Marie-Lou Long WalletM60498805
Marie-Rose WalletM604291060
Marly BBM946192350
Marly MMM9461E2810
Marylebone GMN412141810
Marylebone PMN412151650
Medium Ring Agenda CoverR20105605
Medium Ring Agenda CoverR20240605
Medium Ring Agenda CoverR20202670
Melrose AvenueM937573800
Menilmontant MMM404731650
Menilmontant PMM404741430
Milla Clutch MMM60096605
Milla Clutch MMM60094520
Minaudière Petit BijouM944276600
Minaudière Petit TrésorM410252840
Minaudière Petit TrésorM944227800
Mini Pochette AccessoiresM62998490
Mini Pochette AccessoiresN41433385
Mini Pochette AccessoiresM58009310
Mini Pochette AccessoiresN58009310
Mini Pochette AccessoiresN58010310
Mini Sac LucieM90282925
Mirabeau GMM4034N3150
Mirabeau PMM4033N2690
Monceau BBM915811850
Monceau BBM409761650
Montaigne BBM501732500
Montaigne BBM500932880
Montaigne BBM410552260
Montaigne GMM410672570
Montaigne GMM410693500
Montaigne MMM500923250
Montaigne MMM501672870
Montaigne MMM410562410
Montebello MMM901602350
Neo LM942824400
Neverfull GMM409901340
Neverfull GMN413571340
Neverfull GMN413601340
Neverfull MMM413881260
Neverfull MMN413581260
Neverfull MMN413611260
Neverfull MMM405141200
Neverfull MMM408822050
Neverfull MM MONOGRAM VM416021620
Neverfull PMM410001180
Neverfull PMN413621180
Neverfull PMN413591180
Noé BBM409731730
Noé BBN412201200
Noé BBM408171200
Noé PMM406681650
Odeon PMM563901120
Organizer InsoliteM66566875
Pallas BBM500682260
Pallas ChainM500702260
Pallas WalletM584171140
Papillon NMN412101200
Papillon NMM407111200
Passport CoverM60181320
Passport CoverN60032320
Passport CoverN60189320
Petit NoeM422302720
Petit NoéM409712050
Petit Noé NMM408391900
Petit Noé NMM408181270
Petit Noé NMM409722050
Petite Malle StickersM505125500
Pochette AccessoiresM90928910
Pochette Accessoires NMM40776685
Pochette Accessoires NMM60484590
Pochette Accessoires NMM90196760
Pochette Accessoires NMM4080N760
Pochette Accessoires NMM40712500
Pochette Accessoires NMN41207500
Pochette Accessoires NMN41206500
Pochette AltaïrM942652850
Pochette AscotN412781650
Pochette MétisM407801650
Pochette Milla MMN60027520
Pochette PallasM60609835
Pochette Saint-GermainM606381670
Pochette Sunshine ExpressM409151700
Pocket AgendaR20522295
Pocket Agenda CoverR20503270
Pocket Agenda CoverR20703270
Pocket Organiser NMM60502335
Pocket Organizer NMN63144335
Pocket Organizer NMN63145335
Pont-Neuf GMM5904N3550
Pont-Neuf GMM590423100
Pont-Neuf PMM404563000
Pont-Neuf PMM5907J2690
Portobello GMN411851810
Portobello PMN411841650
Retiro NMM500572110
Retiro PMM403251960
Riviera MMN482521810
Riviera PMN482501650
Rivoli BBN411522260
Rivoli MMN411502570
Rosebery WalletN63017940
Rossmore MMM900691400
Round Coin PurseM61926260
Round Key Holder GMM60116310
Round Key Holder PMM60115245
Sac Plat NMM408051350
Sac Plat NMN412251350
Sac Plat PMM408061500
Sac Plat PMN412261500
Sarah WalletM60760840
Sarah WalletN63209700
Sarah WalletM93206880
Sarah WalletM60531700
Sarah WalletM60938905
Sarah WalletM93524840
Sarah WalletN61735670
Sarah WalletM6031G805
Sarah WalletM60443850
Sarah WalletM60444850
Sarah WalletM60668890
Sarah WalletM60666
Sarah WalletN63208700
Sarah Wallet NMM60458940
Sarah Wallet NM3M60528910
Saumur MMM406741650
Saumur MMM407101500
Saumur PMM406661350
SC Slim Clutch GMM943162220
SC Slim Clutch MMM942092230
Selene MMM942144400
Selene PMM943143950
Sevigne ClutchM4052E1490
Sevigne ClutchM4055N1680
Shoulder Strap VVNJ00145250
Siracusa MMN411121500
Siracusa PMN411131270
Small Cover AgendaR2005N465
Small Ring Agenda CoverR20052415
Small Ring Agenda CoverR21081
Small Ring Agenda CoverR20706365
Small Ring Agenda CoverR20700365
Small Ring Agenda CoverR20005365
Sobe ClutchM4029N1290
Sobe ClutchM934901400
Sobe ClutchM406611400
Softcase iPadM58272590
Softcase iPadM58275590
Softcase iPadM58278590
Softcase IpadN63193590
Softcase iPad AirM60562590
Softcase iPad AirM58229590
Softcase Ipad MiniM60558480
Softcase Ipad MiniM58224480
Softcase Ipad MiniN63201480
Softcase Iphone 5M58213420
Softcase Iphone 5M60556420
Softcase Iphone 5N63190420
Softcase iPhone 6M60866420
Softcase iPhone 6M60873420
Softcase iPhone 6M60871420
Softcase iPhone 6 PlusM60868445
Softcase iPhone 6 PlusM60876445
Softcase Samsung Galaxy S5N63249420
Softcase Samsung Galaxy S5M60756420
Softcase Samsung Galaxy S5M60754420
Speedy 25N41365950
Speedy 25N41371950
Speedy 25M41109950
Speedy 30M41108970
Speedy 30N41364970
Speedy 30N41370970
Speedy 30M926433150
Speedy 35M41107990
Speedy 35N41363990
Speedy 35N41369990
Speedy 40M411061010
Speedy 40 MulticoloreM932173500
Speedy Bandouliere 25M411131370
Speedy Bandoulière 25M500352840
Speedy Bandoulière 25N413681370
Speedy Bandoulière 25N413741370
Speedy Bandouliere 30M411121390
Speedy Bandoulière 30M410283050
Speedy Bandoulière 30N413671390
Speedy Bandoulière 30N413731390
Speedy Bandoulière 30M567031500
Speedy Bandouliere 35M411111410
Speedy Bandoulière 35N413661410
Speedy Bandoulière 35N413721410
Speedy Bandouliere 40M411101430
St Germain MMM489332960
St Germain PMM489492580
St JacquesM500462350
Sully MMM405871650
Sully PMM405861500
Tivoli GMM401441960
Tivoli PMM401431500
Totally MMN412811430
Totally MMM410151430
Totally MMN412791430
Totally PMM410161270
Totally PMN412821270
Totally PMN412801270
Trésor WalletM63972810
Tribal Mask Card HolderM60785470
Tribal Mask Card HolderM60786455
Tribal Mask Chain WalletM607951990
Tribal Mask Chain WalletM607951990
Tribal Mask Chain WalletM607971910
Tribal Mask Key PouchM60788690
Tribal Mask Key PouchM60213660
Tribal Mask Sarah WalletM607921340
Tribal Mask Sarah WalletM607901310
Turenne GMM488151810
Turenne MMM488141650
Turenne PMM488131500
Twist Chain WalletM610361620
Twist Chain WalletM610361620
Twist Epi PMM503323250
Venice WalletN605351000
Verona MMN411181870
Verona PMN411171560
Virginia MMM901113300
Vivienne LV Compact WalletN915147300
Vivienne LV Long WalletN915118350
Vivienne LV Long WalletM581712400
Vivienne LV Long WalletM584082090
Vivienne LV Long WalletM601572090
Vivienne LV Long WalletM582042090
W BBM946293950
W PMM944814850
W PMM412294400
W PMM946054850
Zippy Coin PurseM93203520
Zippy Coin PurseM6015N520
Zippy Coin PurseM63004425
Zippy Coin PurseN914501190
Zippy Coin PurseM60720445
Zippy Coin PurseM60067390
Zippy Coin PurseN63069390
Zippy Coin PurseN63070390
Zippy Coin PurseM60740605
Zippy Coin PurseM93741505
Zippy Coin PurseM93740505
Zippy Compact WalletN60028760
Zippy Compact WalletM60424860
Zippy Compact WalletM40499760
Zippy Compact WalletN60029760
Zippy OrganizerN60003905
Zippy OrganizerM6385N1120
Zippy OrganizerM60002905
Zippy organizerN60012905
Zippy WalletM607751050
Zippy WalletM60017805
Zippy WalletM60817905
Zippy WalletM93202970
Zippy WalletN60019805
Zippy WalletM63009880
Zippy WalletM58507985
Zippy WalletN914462630
Zippy WalletM60936905
Zippy WalletM60927905
Zippy WalletN63026985
Zippy WalletM60241940
Zippy WalletM60243940
Zippy WalletN60015805