Original Club vs Samorga Organizer Review

Samorga used to be a popular brand for felt organizer until Original Club came into the picture by offering rather similar looking organizers that are made of felt as well. In this review, we shall do a comparison between these two popular brands to help you decide which works best for you based on the features of each organizers against your budget.

How similar are their organizers when it comes to design?
They are both made of felt and they both can custom-made to fit into your organizer perfectly for most popular handbags by Longchamp, Hermes, Celinee, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry etc. Both also have removable compartment pockets below.

Samorga Removable Middle Compartment

How different are their organizers in term of design?
Samorga is available in a thicker and more sturdy version which is the 2mm felt version which Original Club does not have. It also provide a slightly wider range of custom-made organizers compared to Original Club. For example Samorga has organizers for handbags by Gucci and Goyard as well.

When it comes to design, Original Club comes with zipped pocket version and checked design which Samorga does not have.
Original Club vs Samorga Review-3
Original Club also accept customization for all sizes as long as you provide them the dimensions that you are looking for.

How about pricing?
For Original Club, prices are the same whether you are ordering a organizer for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM, MM and GM or Speedy 25, 30, 35 and 40. They cost only USD$39,99.

For Samorga, prices vary depending on the size.

  • Speedy 25 – USD$40 to $41
  • Speedy 30 – USD$43 to $51
  • Speedy 35 – USD$50 to $58
  • Speedy 40 – USD$70 to USD$78
  • Neverfull PM – USD$43 to USD$44
  • Neverfull MM – USD$48 to USD$55
  • Neverfull GM – USD$71 to USD$78

Samorga also has the 2×2 mm thicker version which is even more expensive.
Above prices are before shipment charges

Where are they based and how about shipment charges?
Samorga is based in Korea and they use standard airmail or EMS for shipment. To ship to United states they charged a flat rates of USD$12.00 for worldwide shipment. EMS shipment generally takes 1 to 4 weeks depending where you are shipping to. EMS also provide limited tracking on the status of the shipment. On Samorga’s facebook you will notice complaint on their delivery schedule on their Facebook and most of these complaints are not addressed.
Original Club vs Samorga Review-2
Original Club is better when it comes to shipment as they only use DHL express so it is faster and guaranteed. For a Neverfull GM, the shipment cost is only USD$7.99 and it takes only take 3 to 4 working days.
Original Club vs Samorga Review-1

How to order?
Samorga used to sell at ETSY but now they are selling at their website now. Ordering is simple and a breeze, you search for the organizer based on the handbag that you plan to fit the organizer for like Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 or Hermes Birkin 35. Choose the color and types of pockets and order. Original Club can be found at ETSY and they also sell their organizers at their website. Both companies offer PayPal as form of payment.

Overall Samorga looks slightly nicer when it comes to overall design however Original Club comes with zipped version which many are looking for as well especially for open tote bags. Original Club beats Samorga hands down when it comes to pricing. For example if you are looking to buy a organizer for a Neverfull GM. Samorga would cost you $78 + $12 = USD$90 but Original Club will cost you only $39.99 + $7.90 = USD$47.89. That is almost half the price. It is also has a much shorter and more predictable delivery schedule as they only use DHL for shipment.

This is an unbiased review and we are not paid by any parties to write this article, we are only giving our honest opinion. For the overall quality, workmanship and how sturdy when it comes to its design, we will not be able to comment as we currently do not have a original club organizer to validate on their workmanship and quality.

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Kathy Dowling