Samorga Speedy 25 Organizer Review

To review Samorga Speedy 25, we have decided to compare it against CloverSac’s Emma 22 which is a popular choice for Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. Both Samorga and Cloversac bear many similarities and differences. In this article we shall review what they are.

Overall Product Design
One of the key differences between both brands is Samorga make organizers that are custom-fit to your purses perfectly whereas CloverSac make organizers in four general sizes and provide closest fit to most popular handbags.

In this case, Samorga dimensions for their organizer for Speedy 25 is 8.9”L x 5.5” H x 5.1” D which is a perfect fit whereas CloverSac’s Emma 22 measured 9”L x 5.5”H x 4.5”W (22 cm x 14 cm x 11.5 cm).

Emma 22 is a quite a perfect fit for Speedy 25 making it a popular choice for many for more budget conscious buyers.

Emma 22 is made of polyester while Samorga is made using felt. Felt is a non-woven fabric which is made by compressing and matting fabric together. The common complaints are that the organizer fabric will shed over time.

Sturdy Design
Both Samorga and CloverSac are well recognized for its sturdy design. Samorga has a standard version which is 2mm thick and a double layer options which is a sturdier version. CloverSac does this a little different. All Cloversac’s organizers whether Emma 22, 25, 28 or 36 comes with 3 plastic cards.

Intelligently, CloverSac makes use of these plastic cards to reinforce the front and back side wall and the bottom to increase its sturdiness. Whether you want these plastic cards to be slotted in or not depend on largely on personal preferences. Some users feedback that without the plastic cards the organizer is already sturdy enough.

Removable Middle compartment pocket
Both Samorga and CloverSac come with a middle compartment pockets. For Samorga, both pocket slots are of the same size. CloverSac design one slot to be smaller to hold belongings like water bottle more firmly with the larger slot accommodating bigger items.

This centre pocket can be removed for both organizers.

The way to fasten this middle compartment pockets onto the main organizer is different between both brands. Samorga use fastening tape (or Velcro) whereas CloverSac use snap buttons.

Number and Types of Pockets
Samorga has four exterior pockets, 4 internal wall pockets and 2 middle slot pockets.
CloverSac has two exterior pockets, 2 internal wall pockets, one big and two small net flat pockets and 2 middle slot pockets

When it comes to pricing, CloverSac beat Samorga hands down.

  • Cloversac’s Emma 25 cost USD$24
  • Samorga 2mm felt version USD$41.00 – $43.50
  • Samorga Double layer (2 x 2mm felt) – USD$61.50

When it comes to Color, Samorga beats CloverSac hands down. Samorga comes in various colors that you can choose as they are customized made whereas for CloverSac’s Emma 22, it is only available in red and beige. In the near future, Emma 22 may come in black and pink.

The weight for Samorga standard version is 160~170 gram and the double layer is 190 gram.

For CloverSac ,the weight without the plastic cards is 150 gram.

After you include the plastic cards, it is 170 gram.

Maintaince and Care
Samorga as it is made of felt can only be touch clean or dry clean as recommended on the tag below.

Cloversac can be hand-washed by soaking it completely in water.

Samorga offer only EMS shipping option which is standard airmail. To ship to United States, it would cost USD$12. In fact it is a standard charges USD$12 worldwide.

CloverSac offer both DHL Express and Standard Airmail options. To ship an Emma 22 to United States, it would cost USD$10.66 and to UK, it would cost USD$$8.46. For DHL Express service, it will cost USD$21.25 . For express service it will take less than a week.

For certain countries like Canada, CloverSac only offer DHL Express due to long waiting shipping time which can take up to 3 to 4 months.

How does it fit?

Following is picture of Emma 22 fitted inside Speedy 25

Following is how Samorga look like when fitted inside a Speedy 25

Watch the following video on how Emma 22 looks like when fitted inside a Speedy 25

There is no winner here. It really depend on each individual preferences.  Samorga ‘s key advantages are it is a perfect fit and is available various color but it comes with a hefty price tag. CloverSac is a close fit, it comes with all the bells and whistles as well, washable but at half the price. In fact. Samorga and CloverSac are of a different league to begin. A better comparison of Samorga will be against similar custom-made organizers like Original Club or Divide and Conquer.

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Kathy Dowling