CloverSac Review by PurseBlog Forum Members

Read unbiased reviews on CloverSac’s purse organizer insert posted by members of the Purseblog forum below. Following postings are found on the thread “Bag Inserts List” for Hermes bags.

Following comment is posted on 27th July 2015. Member have used Emma 28 inside a Hermes Birkin 35.

Quote-mark… Just wanted to follow up that I decided to order a less expensive bag insert and I absolutely adore it. Most importantly, it doesn’t add much weight to my already pretty heavy B35. It fits it perfectly and gives in a beautiful shape. The middle insert is removable as are these plastic supports for the base and the sides. I put all of them in there to give the bag structure and it works great with my B. I have been using it for a month and it is just perfect!


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Where else to buy Hermes bag in Singapore?

We all know it is close to impossible to walk into a Hermes boutique in Singapore and buy a Birkin bag. So what your other options if you are desperately looking to buy one? You can first try a second handbag designer bag shop but selection is normally quite limited so you may not be able to find what you are looking and even if you manage to find it, it may not be in its best condition. Secondly, you can try buying it online from classifieds but if you are not an expert in verifying authenticity of the bag, there is a chance that you might up buying a fake.

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Baginizer review – Purse Insert for Hermes Birkin

There is a new purse insert in town and it is called Baginizer. The inventor behind Baginizer is none other than Jane from The JaneFinds™ . A little background on JaneFinds for those you do not know who JaneFinds is, JaneFinds is a prominent Hermes Collector and Reseller based in New York. Her Hermes collection is sold at both 1stdibs and Ebay.

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Hermes Birkin price worldwide

We all know it is hard to get a Hermes Birkin. Some claimed that there is a “waiting list” while others say Hermes actually limit the number of birkin bag you can buy per year. I say as long as you are rich and famous you can buy as many as Birkin bag you want. Just look at Victoria Beckham, The Kardashian family or Jamie Chua in Singapore, do you think there is a limit set for them and if there is a “wait list” they are probably first on the list then. If you are planning to buy and like to find out how much a Birkin bag really cost. You will find the price range like for Birkin, Kelly and other Hermes bags below:

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How to spot a fake Hermes dust bag

To be honest, it is really hard to provide specifics to differentiate the real Hermes dust bag against the counterfeit. The reason for that is because Hermes came out with too many versions of dust bag that bear different designs, colour and material. Some people ask why so many types of design for dust bag. Maybe it is a good way to keep counterfeiters on their toes or maybe it is just to freshen up the presentation. No one has the real answer for that. Following describe the variation in Hermes dust bag design and tips on how to tell if that dust bag is real or fake.

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