We are only temporary closed, not out of business

To put our fans and customers at peace, CloverSac is not out of business. We are only taking a break to improve our products and delivery service. We have put all our items out of stock as we work on improving these areas. Some of the things that we are working on now are as follow:

  • Waiting for the arrival of Emma 28
  • Waiting for some new stocks for base shaper
  • Working on a whole new Emma 22, 25 and purse rain cover
  • Implementing a better tracking system for shipment to United States, Germany, France and other parts of the world
  • Updating our website

If there is a product that you are looking for or any concern, please email us at contact@cloversac.com so we can contact you once we are back.

We deeply apologize for the delay.

The New CloverSac’s Emma 28 is Coming to you Soon!

Emma 28 is one of CloverSac’s best selling purse organizers. After it was launch in 2015, over thousands of Emma 28 were shipped and sold worldwide. If this is first time that you hear about Emma 28, just go to YouTube and search “Cloversac”, you will find multiple reviews on this amazing purse organizer.


Latest News Update on 30th Nov 2016 : 

We are extremely apologetic to inform all who are waiting for our Emma 28 that the stocks will not be available soon. Unfortunately, the earlier indicated stock availability in November did not meet up to our quality requirement, as such we have decided not to sell them to the public.
CloverSac take pride in ensuring what we deliver to our customers are nothing but the best. Our team is working tirelessly during this holiday season to ensure we complete our production asap. We seek your kind understanding and patience. Please kindly email at contact@cloversac.com to reserve one, reassured we shall email you once the stock is available. If you have further questions, please do not hesitant to contact us.

Why is Emma 28 so popular?
Emma 28 is commonly used in popular handbag models such as Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Neverfull MM, Hermes Birkin 35, Longchamp Le Pliage, Celine, Prada and many other non-branded bags as well.

Other reasons for its popularity include it is reasonably priced, light-weight and structured in design.

I heard the new Emma 28 will be different?
Yes the new Emma 28 shall be an improved design based on the feedback given by our existing customers.

How different is the new Emma 28 from the old one?
The basic overall design will still be there except for a few improvement like better fabric, adding more color like black and pink (other than just red and beige) and most importantly improving the overall quality of its workmanship.

With better design, fabric and material, will you be increasing the prices?
Yes there will be a price increase.  

How long more do I have to wait?
We understand that many of clients have been writing to us on when Emma 28 will be available. Ressured when it is out, you shall be informed in advance and there will be enough stocks for everyone. We deeply apologize for the delay as it will take another 1 to 2 months before it is finally launched.

How do I reserve one?
If you are keen, just write to use at contact@cloversac or reply to the form below. If you have already emailed us earlier on and has received a reply from us, you do not write to us again.

Please feedback!
If there is a particular color or feedback that you like you to see in our newly designed Emma 28, please feel to reply the feedback box below as well.

How to get CloverSac’s Purse Organizer for FREE!

CloverSac’s purse organizer is a popular choice when it comes to getting your Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Neverfull MM or Hermes Birkin bag organised.

We are now giving our purse organizer for FREE to bloggers and YouTube reviewers! To get the CloverSac’s purse organizers for FREE, all you need to do is post a blog review or YouTube review on our purse organizers on your blog or YouTube channel. It is really that simple and we shall refund you the cost of the purse organizer excluding the shipping cost.

You must meet the following conditions to qualify for Free Purse Organizer by CloverSac

  • You must owned a blog or
  • You must have a YouTube Channel

Terms and Conditions do apply so please make sure you write to us at contact@cloversac.com with information on your Blog and YouTube Channel.

An Honest Video Review on Purse Rain Cover by CloverSac

This is a video review of our purse rain cover by Amy who is located in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is a notoriously rainy city which explain why having a purse rain cover is always useful to protect your purse from rain water which can potentially leave rain stain if not cleanse immediately. If you are living in a rainy area like Amy, you may consider our purse rain cover as well.

This is not a paid video review, Amy does her best to give her honest review. Enjoy the video!

Purse Organizer that can hold your water bottle firmly

If you likes to bring a water bottle out then you should be looking out for a purse organizer insert that can help to hold your water bottle firmly.

To begin, take a look at the pictures below on some of these fairly cheap purse organizer which cost only SGD$3.00. No doubt, it can help to keep your things organize however it fails when it comes to overall structure which is fairly important in helping to the hold the water bottle firmly.


CloverSac is one of the few purse organizer insert that can help to hold the mineral water bottle firmly. Take a look at the picture below. The four pockets compartment at the centre is removable.


Now take a look at the picture below, notice how the water bottle is firmly held within one of the compartment.


Click Here to order a Purse Organizer

Why you should NOT use a Black Purse Organizer Insert

If you are planning to buy a purse organizer insert in black, take a pause and read this article before making that decision. There is a reason why I would prefer using a tan purse organizer insert instead of a black. The reason is black tend to color transfer easily. The scientific term for this is colorfastness, a color which does not transfer easily has great colorfastness.

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