Chanel Bag Prices in London

In 2016, we see the BREXIT that cause the UK pound to drop almost 10% versus all major currencies like USD, EURO etc. Many tourists rushed into UK at that moment to shop to benefit from the currency difference.

How about now? Is it still cheaper to buy Chanel in London now?

Let compare the new updated Chanel bag prices of 2016 versus 2015 below. By comparing the two prices, we see an increased of almost 15% percent for all popular Chanel bags such as Classic Flap , 2.55 Reissue and GST. So before you packed your luggage and rush to UK now, you may have already miss that opportunity as Chanel adjusted their prices along with the currency fluctuation.

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Chanel Prices in 2015

Chanel has announced plans to harmonise its global Chanel pricing starting 8th April 2015. With this price harmonising plan, the prices of Chanel in Europe or China and the rest of the world will most or less be the same. Unfortunately, this move is not necessary good for everyone because to create a balanced price list, we shall see a prices hike for Chanel for the European buyers but a reduction for prices for the China buyers. For example:

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Where to buy Chanel in Paris

Number one on your must-do list for me when I go to Paris is get myself a Chanel handbag. If you are going to Paris and you have no idea which store to visit and your time doesn’t permit you to give each shop a look. Let me help you with such dilemma, I’ve laid out the best places to go if you are looking for great finds.

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