How much cheaper is Louis Vuitton in Paris compared to London

Yes it is cheaper to buy Louis Vuitton in Paris compared to London but how much cheaper? Let compared the Louis Vuitton 2015 price list for UK and France below. This is based on the exchange rates of £1 to €1.37. Based on the comparison below we are seeing a 8 to 10% differences between to prices in UK compared to France.

For example a Neverfull MM (M41159) cost £1160 in London which is €1589 after conversion compared to €1450 when you buy it in Paris. Same applies for Speedy 30 (M41108) which cost £550 in London (€754 after conversion) compared to €685 if you buy it in Paris.

All prices quoted below are before VAT. So next time if you are travelling to Europe, make sure you buy your Louis Vuitton in Paris before heading to London.

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Louis Vuitton Prices in Paris vs USA .. how much cheaper?

How much cheaper is Louis Vuitton sold in Paris compared to USA. To find out the differences, we shall compared the 2015 prices for Louis Vuitton in both USA and Paris. Based on the exchange rates of 1 US Dollar equals 0.92 Euro, we noticed that the Louis Vuitton prices in USA is generally 22 to 26% higher than that in Paris for the same item. Following are price list comparison for your references.

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Where to buy Chanel in Paris

Number one on your must-do list for me when I go to Paris is get myself a Chanel handbag. If you are going to Paris and you have no idea which store to visit and your time doesn’t permit you to give each shop a look. Let me help you with such dilemma, I’ve laid out the best places to go if you are looking for great finds.

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